Historical Society of Bloomfield

Videos of past presentations courtesy of WBMA TV

The Administration of Mayor John Kinder: 1972 to 1987 October 27, 2015, by former Councilman, Joe Wojak

The Administration of Mayor Ralph Conte 1963 – 1966: To be Bloomfield Mayor in 1960s – Two Party System October 28, 2014, by former Mayor, Ralph C.Conte

American Mummies: The Industrial Birth of the Eternal Dead. March 26, 2019, by Scott Warnasch. Forensic Archeologist/Anthropologist and Bloomfield resident, Scott Warnasch describes his investigation of mummified bodies that had been buried in Fisk Metallic Burial Cases in the 1850s.

Bloomfield Through Time: Meet & Greet the Author March 23, 2024, by Rich Rockwell. Explore the evolution of architecure in Bloomfield through then-and-now photos from the late 1800s to today with Bloomfield Through Time Author and Bloomfield Councilman, Rich Rockwell.

From Success to Seizure: The Schering Corporation of Bloomfield N.J. 1937-1942 March, 25, 2023, by Dean Cole

History of Bloomfield College: Celebrating 150 Years October 23, 2018, by Patrick Vera

The History of Diners in Essex County May 28, 2019, by Michael C. Gabriele, author of The History of Diners in New Jersey.

The International Arms & Fuze Company May 22, 2018, by Dean Cole

Jersey Blue: Civil War Politics in New Jersey 1854 – 1865 May 24, 2016, by William Gillette. NJ's role in the Civil War.

Morris Canal: Then and Now March 26, 2024, by Mike Helbing. Explore the path of the Morris Canal then-and-now with Metrotrails' Mike Helbing.

The Morris Canal in Bloomfield: A Virtual Tour from East to West in honor of the Bicentennial of Bloomfield March 27, 2012, by Rich Rockwell

The Morris Canal in Bloomfield – A Virtual Tour from East to West March 22, 2016, by Rich Rockwell. Including local and state-wide Greenway efforts celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Historical Society of Bloomfield.

Theatre of Terror: Shooting Horror Films in Bloomfield October 2019, Bloomfield filmmaker Tom Ryan discusses town landmarks used in his 2018 horror anthology Theatre of Terror.

Thomas Mortimer and Gilded Age workers at Bloomfield’s Oakes Mill, 1888-1902. June 29, 2023, by James C. Knarr. Knarr presesnts excerpts from The Diary of Thomas Benjamin Mortimer, 1888 - 1902, the diary his great-great-granfather kept while he was employed at Oakes Mill.

The Toll of the Garden State Parkway in Bloomfield October 25, 2022, by Rich Rockwell

Walking the Old Bonton Line May 23, 2023, by Wheeler Antabanez. Antabanez narrates the video he created while walking the abandoned Boonton Railroad Line.

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